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Static Website Design

Static website is also called HTML WEBSITE DESIGNING. In static web site, the pages are easy to build. A static website is a website with pages (written in HTML/ HTM/ CSS / simple text) sent to web browsers as it designed. So the static websites show on browsers exactly as they designed. Naturally static sites are cheaper and ideal for some products like printed pamphlet.

It is ideally fulfilling the requirements of small businesses, which may include animations, graphics, content and images. It shows perfectly your business logic which in turn rewards with good start to your business.


  • User-friendly customized interface
  • Easy to optimize in Yahoo, Google and MSNĀ 
  • Immediate and easy downloading of images and text
  • Easy and quick way to get noticed by the search engines.
  • Creation and renewal of website is too economic.
  • To attract international audience, contents are kept well written.
  • Though it is fast in crawling, it is SEO friendly website
  • It opens fast with compare to word press website and dynamic website.
static website design


  • theme based website
  • highly creative
  • focused on promotion on web