pdf presentation solutions

PDF Presentation

Vinayalsolution.com provide multimedia solutions like PPT presentation and PDF (portable document format). PDF documents contain “.pdf” extension. A PDF file abstract a complete description of a fixed-layout flat document, which include image, fonts and text and formatting of documents.

Adobe Acrobat is used to create PDF files. Free Adobe reader or acrobat reader can easily download and are used to view the PDF files. Once downloaded reader automatically start on using PDF file. It is used to save original graphic appearance of documents online such as magazine articles, product brochures or flyers.

Images of PDF files can zoom in or zoom out. Pages can be forwarded and back warded and also can be open from Linux and Mac-based systems. It can be set to view in full screen. PDF file can be used to project like a slide show, and to navigate from one page to another, mouse or keyboard can use.


  • able to compress large files
  • self contained and secure
  • easy and quick
PDF Presentation


  • true portability and mobility
  •  interactive functions are supported by PDF like mark up, text notes, music, file attachments, movies, hyperlinks
  • It can integrate interactive forms of data to perform importing and exporting of data
  • It supports high level of data encryption and security
  • Easy and secure approach for data transmission and sharing All your graphics, texts and images created in other document like MS word, can be easily converted to PDF.